Ask About Our Water Heater Replacement Services in Richmond, KY

Don't Shiver in the Shower

Are your energy bills and repair costs racking up? Put an end to your ongoing water heater problems with new water heater installation.

Platinum Plumbing and Piping offers comprehensive water heater replacement services throughout Richmond, KY. We work with premium gas and electric water heaters and can equip your home with a unit that you can depend on.

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Upgrade your water heater standards

An outdated water heater could be costing you a lot in energy bills and repairs. Platinum Plumbing and Piping can upgrade your water heater to a more efficient unit. With an updated water heater, you can benefit from:

  • Longer-lasting hot water - Modern water heaters use advanced technology to heat water and keep it hot longer.
  • Lower energy bills - An older water heater has to work harder to perform, sky-rocketing your energy usage.
  • Less stress over repairs - With a new unit, you'll deal with fewer repairs and won't have to worry about a cold shower.

Don't put it off any longer. Schedule your water heater replacement today. We'll happily provide you with a free estimate on your new water heater installation.